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The beginning of a dream…

The day of my 18th birthday, my dad gave me a 911 Porsche key chain. That simple object became a symbol of success for me. From that moment on, my passion for Porsche cars has been growing more and more through the years without ever owning one of my own. Many years later, this dream will become a reality…

- Benoit Juneau

Porsche has been a part of my life since I was a child. Founder of a small car business, my father, Benoit, has passed on to me his passion for motorsport when I was a small kid. On my 21st birthday, he decided to buy and install a car lift in our business warehouse. It was his way of encouraging me to learn about something that I was passionate about instead of going out for partying.

1988 944 turbo
1988 944 turbo

We then decided to buy a red 1988 944 turbo together. But my plans were totally different than his. I wanted to modify the car, the engine, the turbo, the suspension… and so on, so forth. When my father realized the goal I had in mind for that car, he decided to let me continue the project on my own. He knew it would cost me a lot of time and money and it was not really part of his plan at that time.

A few years later, I started spending a lot of time on Porsche web forums, which gave me the idea to try a performance driving school. I started DE(driving education) in spring 2011, with the Rennsport club, and I convinced my father to do the same. We didn’t realize it at that time, but this new hobby would become a real passion for both of us.

I sold my 944 a few months later and decided to buy a 996 C4S. Later on, my dad bought his first Cayman S and let me modify that one, knowing that this would let him reach a better speed and establish a friendly competition between us. We participated in a lot of DE together and the first thing we knew; we were already in the black run group and looking for more challenge.

During that time, I purchased a 996 gt3, what a wonderful car. This was one of Bob Rouleau previous cars. This gave me a new kind of driving experience, considering its racing potential. Unfortunately, I sold it a little too soon. I wanted to have a more basic car which I could have fun with, so I bought a damaged Boxster S that I completely stripped down and rebuilt into a real race car. I did the same with my dad’s new Cayman S PDK. We had now 2 race cars.

Our new objective was to try real racing. We did the BMW race school in Spring 2014. Couple months later, I did my 1st race at Le circuit Mont Tremblant. Later on, I did a race with PCA club racing at Mosport. I never stopped ever since.

In 2015, I won the PCA Club Racing championship in F class as a rookie driver.

In 2016, I will be competing in the Gtb1 class which is a much more competitive and bigger field.

My goal is to finish in the top 3 this season.

Our world has always evolved around this shared passion and it brought us to compete in Porsche races, and eventually to start a business ( Through the years, we always found it very difficult to put our hands on the parts we were looking for. Since we were not the only ones having this issue, we decided to start this business in order to help other passionate people like us.

- Sebastien Juneau, Founder of