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Season opener 48 hours at Sebring

Posted by Sébastien Juneau on

What a season opener for the 48 hours race at Sebring.

Lot of fun, clean races, podium finishes and the Florida sunshine, what else could we asked for!

February 1st marked the beginning of the season for 987part race team.

Drivers Ben and Seb Juneau were signed with both GTB1 Cayman S along 18 other drivers in class.

Ben did his best race result since his debut racing with a 7th, 10th and 7th position out of 20 cars.

Seb did well too with a 1st, 1st and 2nd position and 1st overall out of 43 cars in the sunday enduro race.

Road atlanta will be their next race on april 5th-8th. We wish them good luck.

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